Discover Goa

Discover Goa


St. Cajetan: Church

St. Cajetan church is one of the most important tourist attractions of Goa, and beautiful of all churches, lies about half a kilometer away to the north-east of the Se Cathedral, one of the landmarks of Goa’s capital city, Panjim. The church is built in Corinthian style of architecture. The church is modeled on the design of Basilica of St. Peter in Rome and is built of laterite blocks which are plastered with lime. The church consists of six alters, among which the main one is devoted to Our Lady of Divine Providence. Besides these, the interiors of the church consists of wooden statutes of the various saints of Christianity as well as paintings and sculptures depicting various scenes from the life of St. Cajetan


Sweet Water Lake

The lake is officially named as Vagkolam, but Goan people and travelers insist on calling it by its nickname, Sweet Water Lake. The Sweet Water Lake is a fresh-water paradise that originates in natural hot springs from within the Goan jungle. The lagoon (tidal pond) is surrounded by greenery hills and coconut groves. Enjoy the spiritual atmosphere and partake in one of the regular meditation sessions or treat your body to mythical healing clay. Dip your feet in the warm, fresh water. Feel the warmth of the sand, which comes from the hot springs. The clay blocks nearby are said to contain immense healing properties,so join in the practice of rubbing the clay on your body in the water. And take part in meditation sessions under the great Banyan Tree to find inner peace.


Thrilling Water Sports

Goa is one of the best destination for adventure in India but it is the thrilling water sports in Goa which provide the majority of fun. Even if you are an adventure seeker or not, get ready to experience ultimate adrenaline rush. The land of Sun, golden sand coastline and turquoise waters of Goa offer a range of thrilling water sports that will amuse you. There are adventures water sports throughout the year while some are season specific. You can go wind-surfing, water skiing, parasailing, Jet Ski, speedboat riding, motorbiking and so on. You can also engage in exciting and fun group activities such as the banana ride, dinghy sailing, bumper ride and many more.


Arpora Saturday Market

Saturday market is located in North Goa at Arpora. This market makes Goa evening more pleasant. It is also known as Ingo’s Night Market. This Goa's retro styled hippy and artisan night market, where you can find everything – right from sumptuous foodstuff, herbs and spices to handicrafts, bags, accessories, designer jewelry, rugs and carpets, vintage items and much more. The market’s setup is simply amazing with three layers: The lower field, where you get local products from all over the country, the central field that houses the stage and delicious food stalls, and the upper field that has boutiques house bar and designer stalls. Apart from that, it hosts live concerts and the performances are varied ranging from Indian Classical music to Rock, Vocalists and sometimes fire-dancers!


Mandrem Beach

Mandrem beach is between two famous beaches in the north Goa Arambol and Ashvem beach. This beach is quite secluded to the other beaches. Being a serene beach one can spot some white bellied fish eagles that live in the casuarinas trees at Mandrem Beach and the famous Olive Ridley turtles. This calm ocean getaway is loaded with all the natural adornments of the coast, an alluring combination of the turquoise blue waters of the Arabian Sea that streams into the Mandrem rivulet during high tide, which runs parallel to the waterline. Fringes of palm and coconut trees crowd the coastline, which is separated from the famous Arambol beach by a rocky cliff. This pristine beach is the ideal spot to practice yoga on the soft sands or sip a refreshing cocktail while you get lost in the mysteries of the ocean.