Welcome to The Sunset!


9th january 2014, 7-11 pm in Sunset

Multi-instrumentalist and composer, Prem Joshua and his international band are pioneers in the field of World Fusion Music. Drawing inspiration from the deep well of the ancient music traditions of the Indian sub-continent, while remaining constantly in touch with the pulse of contemporary Western music scene, over the years Prem Joshua & Band have continued to refine their awesome talent for fusion, creating a distinctive and unique sound beyond the borders of both East and West.

With confidence, originality and virtuosity, but also with a deep reverence towards their musical roots, the band weave together threads so seemingly disparate into an exquisite organic musical whole. Indian classical, jazz, funk and ethno are so masterly, yet playfully blended, that it has indeed a completely global appeal.

For their timely interpretation of the music traditions of the East, Prem Joshua & Band have been honored worldwide. Today Prem Joshua is the number one best-selling World Music artist in India.

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