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Friday 21st of February 2014, 4:30 pm to 12:30 am in the sunset multi instrumentalist and composer, prem joshua and his international band will play again here and with him we have the very popular dj – ma faiza, THE MOTHER OF ELECTRONICA,

Ma Faiza brings something wholly unique to the Indian EDM scene. She is one of the busiest, most successful and high profile DJs that India has seen in the last decade and has redefined the Indian Electronic scene. She has emerged from the psychedelic trance music scene into a genre-defying selector of the finest electronic music. Whether she plays progressive trance, dirty house and techno or chilled ambient grooves, Ma Faiza is guaranteed to be in her element behind the decks.She is a commanding presence for those who worship at her altar and unlike other DJs who simply twiddle knobs and push buttons, she is fully engaged with the crowd and her music.


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